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2013-2014 SEASON

Enjoy the Cyclones all season long by purchasing season tickets. Get the same great seat for all 36 home games, 24 home games, 18 home games, or just 12 home games. By signing up for season tickets, not only will you have the same great seat, but you will also save money. Season savings are as high as 30%! Plus, There are great payment plans to help you space out the purchase! Get your tickets now!



Download the 2013-2014 Season Ticket .pdf HERE


Seating Chart

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FRONT ROW TICKETS - Are only sold as a Full-Season Package for $540 (56% Savings!)
CLUB SEAT TICKETS - (Green Above) Are only sold as Full-Season Pairs ($612/seat)
Season ticket prices are prorated according to the number of games left in the season when tickets are purchased!

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