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Inside the Cyclones - Alex Penner

October 5, 2012 | View Comments

Inside the Cyclones - Alex Penner

CINCINNATI, Ohio – A quick internet search of Cyclones forward Alex Penner will produce video after video of what he is best known for, being an enforcer on the ice. His propensity to drop the gloves and take on all comers, usually winning the battles he is involved in, has made him a fan favorite at every stop throughout his career.

“The fans pay their money, and that money pays our salaries, so I try to give fans everything. We have goalies that make big saves, we have players that score big goals that win us the games, but with my role I try to protect the players so they can play their games. I try to scare the other teams so they can’t play their games. When it comes down to it, I just want fans to leave the building happy and wanting them to come back to the Cincinnati Cyclones to watch another game.”

During the offseason the six-foot-four-inch, 240 pound Penner, known around the league by his nickname “Weapon X”, trains in Muay Thai to keep in shape and keep his fighting skills honed.

“As far as getting ready for the (for the season) I try to stay calm and collective. I worked hard all summer with my best friend that is also my striking coach.”

With a new season approaching he knows that early on he may have to step up and protect his team more often as new players try and earn a reputation.

“Usually it’s the beginning of the season, everyone is trying to make a name for themselves. Everyone is trying to show their team they are willing and they’re able to do it so you get in fights all the time.”

The duty of laying down the law during games won’t fall entirely on Penner.

“We have a tough team, so there is going to be a lot of load being shared. We have Liambas and Sawyer, and Hotham is known to fight. It’s not just going to be me; it is going to be everyone. If I was other teams I would be scared.”

Having a few other players willing to share those responsibilities is one of the reasons he decided to sign with the Cyclones this year. He sees this as an opportunity to show that there is more to his game than just being an enforcer.

“I wanted to come because I like to think I have some skills and some ability to play. It is hard to show that when you are always in the box or suspended and sitting in the stands. When I talked to (head coach Jarrod) Skalde this summer I made it clear that I would like to play and have an opportunity to play. With sharing the work load you get more of that opportunity and you are not always going to be in the box.”

Cyclones fans will have the opportunity to see Penner this Friday at 7:30pm at U.S. Bank Arena when the Cyclones face off against the Wheeling Nialers in an exhibition game. Contact a Cyclones Ticket Representative today at 513.421.PUCK (7825) to reserve your seats. Tickets can be purchased for just $5. . Fans can also get the latest team updates throughout the season on Facebook and Twitter (@CincyCyclones).