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Back to the Windy City!

November 11, 2011 | View Comments

Back to the Windy City!

For the third consecutive game, Cincinnati will battle we're back on the road to the Windy City!  Hopefully, we'll have a bit easier travel than last time when we ran into rush hour traffic that caused us to arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled warm-up time.


Here are some things you need to know for tonight:


- Chet Pickard is back on the active roster after missing the last week/10 days with post-concussion symptoms.  He practiced on the ice today and yesterday, but will not start tonight.  Instead, it will be Tyler Plante again, who skated in both games last weekend vs. Chicago.


- The parade from the AHL the Milwakee Admirals have assigned defenseman Jeff Foss to the Cyclones today.  The RPI product has 11 pro games under his belt, and will join the Clones blue-line crew.  From a travel standpoint, he will meet us in he'll have a bit less time on the road then us.  Hopefully that translates on the ice tonight.


- We all remember the crazy melee that took place in the later stages of Saturday's game at U.S. Bank Arena.  While, I would expect to see plenty of intensity...the man that started the whole thing is no longer with Chicago.  Tim Spencer was dealt to Trenton earlier this week, so the Clones will have to wait another day to see him again.  Instead, Mike Liambas can set his sights on Devin DiDiomete...who was added in Spencer's place.  DiDomete finished third in the AHL last year with 303 PIM.  I would be we will see him throw down with Liambas tonight if things get amped up.  But we'll see.


- The Clones will be doing themselves a great service by grabbing an early lead.  Chicago has been one of the better teams when they hold the advantage after 20 minutes...going 4-0-0-0 thus far.  If Cincy can get a similar start to last Friday, they're gonna be just fine.


- The special teams units have both been very impressive, even though they've had a bunch of roster changes.  Andrew Cassels told me this week that a good rule of thumb on how to gauge the special teams is the "100 Rule": essentially, if you're power play percentage and penalty kill percentage add up to 100 or greater, you're gonna be among the league leaders.  And wouldn't ya know it, Cincinnati's PP is 21.6% proficient while the PK has killed off 84.6% of its chances.  21.6+84.6=106.2...Cincy ranks 7th in both categories.




We'll be on the air with Cyclones Warm Up on the Cyclones Radio Network (1050-AM, America One) beginning at 8:15pm ET.  Hope to have you with us!


It's not too late to submit your questions for tonight's "Life and Hockey 101 Segment"...just visit the Cyclones Facebook Page and post yours now!  I'll answer some of them during tonight's second intermission!




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